Mental Health Week, UK

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Technical Components

Creative Drapery • Digital Print • Mental Health

In advance of Mental Health Week, J&C Joel was approached by leading data-powered integrated agency Jaywing to bring their ambitious yet crucial idea to life.

Jaywing had a vision of a giant hi-viz vest, created from 687 actual hi-viz vests, each representing a life lost to suicide in the construction industry.

As with such campaigns, funding was difficult and feeling strongly about the issue of mental health, we agreed to support the project by donating our labour free of charge.

Once we had been briefed, we quickly got to work designing the piece so that it looked like a hi-viz vest whilst being able to withstand the rigours of being displayed outdoors.

Our design team took Jaywing’s concept and created a pattern for the giant vest. Whilst the majority of the vest was made from fluorescent yellow vests, Jaywing wanted a number of different coloured vests within the design. 

To recreate the reflective element, we utilised our grey Coliseum IFR Velour for the “stripes”, and finally, for the critical message, we used our digitally printed Flag.

From start to finish, the project was completed in less than four weeks, allowing Jaywing time to work with Galiford Try to hang the drape in a prominent position close to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

The publicity generated contributed to the overall discussion around mental health in the construction industry and more generally.

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