Metquarter, Liverpool

Liverpool’s Metquarter aims to offer shopping experience like no other, offering a complete consumer experience within relaxing, aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Within this hybrid environment are four 10-metre-high light sculptures which were upholstered in white stretch fabric by J&C Joel.

The sculptures were designed by Turner Prize nominee Mel Chantry and consist of aluminium frames housing LED lights and covered in J&C Joel’s white Ultra Stretch (US001). Ultra Stretch is a stretch cotton fabric made with elastine which stretches in two directions, making it perfect for use in the manufacture of fabric shapes and sculptures.

The sculptures’ aluminium frames were brought to J&C Joel’s UK headquarters, in Sowerby Bridge, so the Ultra Stretch could be tailored to fit the contours of each individual sculpture. The frames were then stripped and the complete sculptures assembled on-site within the shopping centre.

The sculptures are fitted on wooden columns within the atrium of the shopping centre and glow alternatively pink and blue as night falls, with the LED lighting within the sculptures playing on the white Ultra Stretch fabric covering.


Shapes to stretch the limits of your imagination

J&C Joel can manufacture a range of fabric shapes on request, from stock items to unique bespoke designs. Made using either standard fabrics or stretch fabrics such as Joelastic, Ultra Stretch or Mega Mesh, our fabric shapes can also incorporate LED lighting or fibre optics and can even be used for video projection.