Oslo Concert Hall, Norway

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Oslo Concert Hall is Oslo’s music festive hall which opened in 1977 and has since become one of the most important institutes for music and culture in Norway.

Working with AVAB CAC AS, J&C Joel manufactured and installed five custom dyed Austrian drapes made from IFR Sowerby Velvet (VEL700).

The bespoke royal blue curtains were installed into the main hall which has a capacity for over 1400 seats. Each of the Austrian drapes were made separately to allow individual control with the installation of new support pulleys, hauling lines, aluminium spines and other hardware to bring the existing system up to date and enhance its operation.

The Front of House Curtain consists of a main curtain measuring 20.9 metres wide and two front side maskings measuring 2.7 metres wide and all with a 12.7 metres drop and 50% fullness.

To complete the Front of House Curtain two rear side maskings were manufactured measuring 4.5 metres wide by 11.8 metres drop. The curtains cover the entire width of the hall in a deep and rich ornate fabric creating an impressive waterfall like effect.

Raising the curtain

Austrian drapes (also known as a Reefer or Festoon) are manufactured with vertical and horizontal fullness sewn into the horizontal pleated swags, this enables the curtain to be raised evenly by multiple vertical lift lines between each pleat.

Austrian Curtains are usually manufactured from ornate fabrics which create an interesting shimmering effect as it cascades down to the stage.