Paisley Town Hall, Scotland

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Technical Components
Triple E Motorised Track 21.3m • Velvet Drapes • Steel Wire Rope Suspension • Rope and Tassel • Timber-Backed Fabric Crest

The design phase of the project was a lengthy process involving multiple approval stages to finalise the layout for the drape and track systems. The appliqué crest itself was not sewn onto the drape but instead affixed to a timber shield and rigged onto the ladder bar, where steel wires at the back of the crest were terminated.

Additionally, for safety purposes, we designed a clip system to secure the rope and tassel in case the tassel became detached. Another challenge was creating the crest mounting, which was too large to be made from a single-ply sheet. To address this, we carefully cut from two sheets, shaped them, and then joined them using metal joining plates.

We also paid close attention to the orientation of the gold satin to ensure that it displayed the desired shades, meeting the client’s preferences.