Permastore, Cambridgeshire

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J&C Joel were instructed to design and manufacture a sound insulating drape for Permastore, a leading manufacturer of cost effective and reliable glass-fused-to-steel tanks and silos.

The purpose of the drape was to divide a fabrication workshop where they undertook welding and other activities from their warehousing operation. In order to make the whole building functional, they needed to obtain a sound reduction of 14db between the two areas.

As part of the design process, J&C Joel carried out a full site survey to obtain the necessary dimensions. They also acoustically tested several different combinations of materials in order to find the correct combination to achieve the sound reduction required.

In order to meet the clients brief, J&C Joel manufactured the curtain from five layers which were then hung from the apex roof using custom bracketry designed by the J&C Joel Project team.

The combination of materials used was 500g PVC Coated Fabric (PVC021) for the two outer layers which allowed the client to easily clean the visible part of the drape.  The PVC also offered protection for the various sharp edges and other hazards in the building. In between the PVC outer layers was a layer of our Wool Serge 565 (WS090) followed by a layer of our Heavy Cotton Bump Interlining (INT002) and then finally a layer of our Wool Serge 800 (WS022). This combination of fabrics gave an approximate weight of 2800g m2.

Once completed, the J&C Joel project team installed the drape which included various on-site amendments to ensure it met the client’s exact requirements.

Permastore’s Dave Burrows commented: “It was a slightly unusual request we made of J&C Joel as I understand their usual market is the entertainment industry but they had no issue in using their knowledge of sound reduction and applying it in an industrial setting. The drape works as we had hoped and allows the building to be used more effectively.”

J&C Joel offer a wide combinations of multi-layered drapes supported by independent acoustic reports. For more information, consult the J&C Joel product catalogue or contact the sales team.