Robe, PLASA 2016

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Continuing their ongoing partnership, J&C Joel were again asked to dress Robe’s stand for PLASA 2016.

Robe maintained their commitment to innovation by yet again producing a unique themed stand – this year depicting 1970’s London. Visitors to the stand were transported back in time onto a cobbled London street scene complete with a book shop, florist, café and a full sized red, double decker bus.

J&C Joel supplied over 300m2 of digitally printed drapery together with 650m2 of perimeter blackout and ceiling drapery and almost 200m2 of digitally printed “cobbled” Joelmat (JMP001) flooring.

In addition, J&C Joel also dressed the visual centrepiece of the stand which consisted of 42 of Robe’s new Spiider fixtures arranged on a spider web at the heart of a spectacular lightshow that ran throughout each day of the show.

The web, which was created using Super-Ecru Morass (MOR005), was concealed behind drapes that transformed the stand into a theatrical space to show off Robe’s products.

To ensure a smooth installation J&C Joel’s talented Creative Manufacturing team spent two days on site dressing the stand and guaranteeing all the drapery, fabrics and flooring fit perfectly.

Sales Manager, Oliver Marns, said: “We were delighted to work with Robe to deliver another fantastic stand. Each one has become bigger and better than the last and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership to create something even more show-stopping in the future.”

Product list
J&C Joel Polyprint (POP001)
Printed Joelmat (JMP001)
Black Molton (MOL002)
Premier Blackout (PB001)
Black Sharkstooth gauze (ST004)
Super-Ecru Morass (MOR005)

Drapes & Shapes
Various Digitally Printed Drapes
Various Perimeter Drapes
Various Masking Drapes
Bespoke Morass ‘Web’

Stage Engineering
DMX Controllable Motorised E-Rail Track with chicaned overlap and custom clamps to allow for rigging off the Robe truss rig