Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

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Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre is one of the city’s landmark buildings and has played host to some of the biggest names in theatre and show business over past century.

The theatre completed the first stage of a major renovation, including a complete refurbishment of the theatre’s Front of House Curtains and curtains dressing the royal boxes.

The theatre’s grand Front of House Curtains were manufactured using J&C Joel’s claret Duchess (VELH005), a departure from the green of the previous House curtains, manufactured with 50% fullness and lined with ecru Sateen Lining (LIN005).

The Front of House Curtains were embellished with a gold satin band running across the foot of the curtains and a bullion fringe that was reclaimed and restored from the theatre’s previous House Curtains.

The Royal Court Theatre’s existing valance was famed for its exceptional appliqué work, and the adornments on J&C Joel’s replacement are no less stunning. The appliqué work on the new valance is a loyal recreation of the design seen on the previous drape and where possible pieces from the original were restored and re-used. J&C Joel’s fabric artists exchanged any pieces that were too worn to salvage with custom dyed stage Satin pieces faithful to the original appliqué.

The valance itself, which measures 2.5 deepand spans the 9.6 metre width of the stage, was made from the same Duchess and lining material used to make the Front of House curtains.

As well as dressing the stage, the theatre’s royal boxes were also re-dressed with claret Duchess Velvet curtains and valances (VELH005), again, lined with ecru Sateen Lining (LIN001). As with the Front of House Curtains these were also created in the same style as the curtain that graced the boxes previously, with all decoration and embellishments restored and re-used where possible.