Royal Horticultural Hall, London

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J&C Joel installed acoustic solutions in the Lawrence Hall at the Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre in Westminster, London.

The Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre is one of the capital’s most important venues for exhibitions, corporate occasions and live events such as fashion shows.

J&C Joel engineered a completely adjustable acoustic environment for the Lawrence hall; the newer of the centre’s two venues. The task was to produce acoustic solutions in keeping with the hall’s art deco styling and which would not interfere with the aesthetics of the space.

A total of 56 Acoustic Motorised Roller Banners were installed over the windows on the Lawrence Hall’s north and south walls and were manufactured using custom dyed sand coloured Bonded Wool Serge. 2 layers of custom dyed Wool Serge 565 (WS090) bonded together to make an acoustically absorbent fabric, ideal for roller banners. The remote-controlled banners could be deployed in any configuration to suit a range of events.

3 Acoustic Motorised Concertina Banners were installed over the windows at the ‘clock end’ of the Lawrence Hall, the longest of which was manufactured with a drop of 15 metres. The units were manufactured using J&C Joel’s Tay Wool Serge, again custom dyed to the colour sand. Tay Wool Serge is used in the construction of concertina banners specifically for its hard-wearing qualities, as the unique way the fabric is constructed means that it retains its shape and continues to look good even after repeated deployment.

In addition to the motorised acoustic systems installed, J&C Joel also installed a flexible partitioning system consisting of 14 sets of reversible, double-sided Wool Serge 565 (WS090) perimeter curtains mounted on individual chain tracks that can be brought in to divide the hall when required. One side of the curtains were left black, while the other was custom dyed in the same sand colour as used in the motorised roller and concertina banners.