Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), Manchester

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The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester is one of the major centres for musical excellence in the North of England. In addition to being a centre for musical education, the school also stages concerts, recitals and other musical events.

J&C Joel manufactured and installed eight 4m2 acoustic motorised Concertina Banners in the two large rehearsal rooms within the RNCM’s Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

Oxford blue Coloured Wool Serge curtains (WS008) and manually operated Erail tracking systems were installed within 21 smaller teaching and seminar rooms.

J&C Joel’s motorised acoustic Concertina Banners enable the acoustics of a space to be altered to perfectly complement any musical performance. Each of the banners installed within the RNCM is manufactured from two layers of vertically hung custom dyed Tay Wool Serge separated by thin aluminium slats at 160mm centres, similar in construction to venetian blinds.

The banners are raised and lowered via steel bands running the length of the unit which is connected to electrically operated self-contained pilewind winches located in each banner’s ceiling mounted metal housing. This also holds the driving motor, brake and internal inverter for speed control.

The Oxford blue Coloured Wool Serge perimeter curtains installed within 21 of the school’s teaching and seminar suites serve to reduce the reflective wall space within the rooms and soften their appearance. Coloured Wool Serge has excellent acoustic qualities, and is the most popular fabric for perimeter curtains within J&C Joel’s range.

J&C Joel’s acoustic motorised Concertina Banners are ideal for use in venues of any size, from small performance spaces such as recording studios to major auditoriums. Tay Wool Serge is an ideal material for these type of banners, offering optimum sound absorption and acoustic effect. The fabric can also be custom dyed to suit the colour scheme of any venue.