Royal Opera House, Muscat

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J&C Joel were commissioned, by order of H.M the Sultan of Oman, to provide the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) with a variable acoustic environment, custom-built motorised Diamond Track and a full complement of stage curtains and drapes.

The ROHM is Oman’s flagship venue for classical music and the arts and is only the second opera house to be built in the Middle East. Boasting a world-class auditorium with a capacity of over 1,100, the ROHM is capable of staging some of the world’s premier operatic performances as well as musical works and theatrical productions.

J&C Joel manufactured two Acoustic Motorised Roller Banners using black Bonded Wool Serge (WS049) which were then installed within each of the auditorium’s 18 VIP boxes behind wooden fretwork panels.

Operated in groups of six, the banner arrangements instantly reduced sound reverberation within the venue when deployed. Roller banners were also installed above the windows of the hall’s control box to mask the acoustically reflective glass when required. Three large acoustic panels suspended at high level to the rear of the auditorium can be raised and lowered via electrically operated lineshaft hoists, allowing further control over the hall’s acoustics.

In each of the auditorium’s reverberation chambers 144 individual black Premier Wool Serge (WS090) curtains were hung from 36 twin E-Rail tracks. Acoustic curtains were also hung from Unibeam tracks installed within the rear stage and concert shell areas and to the rear of the venue’s orchestra lifts. Electrically operated tracks installed at high level on each side of the auditorium and within the roofspace allow the Premier Wool Serge (WS090) acoustic curtains to be adjusted remotely where access is limited.

As well as a completely variable acoustic environment, J&C Joel provided the ROHM with Front of House Curtains manufactured from a custom dyed Vegas Velvet Velour (VEL165) chosen by Royal Court Affairs. Made to a width of 22.5 metres and with a drop of 12.5 metres, the curtains were finished with an ornate metre high panel of gold thread embroidery running along the base in a design chosen by the ROHM’s creative staff.

Engineered by J&C Joel, a 22.5 metre motorised Diamond Track was installed to the front of the stage from which the bespoke Front of House Curtains were hung. The stage curtains themselves consisted of borders, travellers and legs manufactured from black Premier Wool Serge (WS090). A white Sharkstooth Gauze (STO14) stage backdrop measuring 19 metres wide with a drop of 12 metres was also provided.