Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff

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In a huge installation, J&C Joel designed and installed their stage engineering services to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’s (RWCMD) Richard Burton theatre and the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall to establish them as facilities in which the college’s students can perfect and perform their craft.

To begin, J&C Joel installed 28 four-line counterweight sets in the Richard Burton Theatre, each with a flying height of 10m.

Next, J&C Joel manufactured a front/rear Projection Screen from their Twin White material (PVC055), this was mounted at the rear of the theatre’s stage, which was dressed in a complete set of stage masking drapes manufactured from J&C Joel’s black Wool Serge 565 (WS090).

Finally, a complete rigging system was designed for the Richard Burton Theatre’s lighting and speaker systems, including box trusses and electrically operated Pilewind Winch Units and moveable side lighting ladders.

Within the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall, J&C Joel installed 46 black Wool Serge Motorised Acoustic Roller Banners containing over 750m2, which allow the acoustics of the hall to be changed to complement any performance.

This venue’s layout was made adjustable by 3 fully motorised chorus risers designed and built by J&C Joel’s installation team using Serapid rigid chain drive transmission systems.

To complete the project, J&C Joel installed a seating wagon elevator with Gala lift system, allowing the area to the front of the stage to act as extra stage or floor space, or to accommodate a number of seating wagons designed specifically by J&C Joel for the venue.