Sochi Winter Games 2014

Sochi Winter Games- Олимпийские зимние игры was a major international multi-sport event that was held in February 2014 in Russia that attracted attention from around the world. It was the first Olympics in Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union and was J&C Joel’s 5th involvement with Olympic ceremonies.

J&C Joel supplied huge fabric shapes and cloths for both the opening and closing ceremonies and installed several projection screens throughout the venue.The opening ceremony featured scenes highlighting the aspects of the Russian Revolution and the age of Soviet Union, whilst the closing ceremony was dedicated to the Russian culture.

To help bring both ceremonies to life we printed huge buildings -9 m wide, 40 m height as part of landscape backdrop, featured some of the main authors in Russian literature -7 x 11m.

We also have displayed immense fabric clouds which was a mixture of trevira sharkstooth, Sprinkler Gauze and Airmesh.

All elements of the ceremony were back-lit and projected to help create a stunning effect.




Trevira Sharkstooth

Sprinkler Gauze

Large Mesh

Drapes & Shapes

Custom cut Polycarbonate profiles for the cloud tops, custom storage dolleys, Literature and Buildings print.

Stage Engineering

Stage rigging



Custom Brackets