Solstice Arts Centre, Ireland

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J&C Joel installed pilewind winch units, rigging equipment and stage dressings within the main auditorium of the Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, County Meath, the Republic of Ireland.

Solstice Arts Centre was the county’s first major cultural centre and one of the most important of its kind outside Dublin.

Within the overstage area of the 320-seat auditorium 18 single speed electric pilewind winch systems, each with a safe working load of 200kg, were installed to raise and lower a 12-metre-long ladder-framed suspension bar. The installation included multi-grooved ball raced pulleys.

An additional electrical/manually operated units were installed over the upstage area tp raise and lower a 12-metre-wide black backdrop. All pilewind winch units were operated via a control station capable of running five pilewind winch units simultaneously.

To complement the rigging systems J&C Joel manufactured and supplied a complete set of stage drapes consisting of Oxford blue (VEL011) Countess Front of House curtains and black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) stage curtains including borders, legs and tabs. A 12-metre-wide seamless white Cyclorama Canvas (CAN041) with a drop of 6 metres was also installed to the rear of the auditorium’s stage.