South Cheshire College, UK

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Working with Oxford Sound and Media, J&C Joel installed a range of products in South Cheshire College’s state-of-the-art television studio, allowing both production and technical students to learn in a realistic studio environment.

J&C Joel’s installation team fitted a 2Way curtain track around the studio’s perimeter, from which J&C Joel’s Wool Serge 565 (WS090) curtains were hung, masking the walls and reducing sound reverberation. A tubular modular rigging grid was also installed to allow lighting and sound equipment to be rigged anywhere in the room.

J&C Joel’s green Coloured Wool Serge (Chroma Key) (WS019) was also supplied and suspended from a bespoke curved steel curtain rail. Their green Coloured Wool Serge (Chroma Key) is dyed to facilitate special effects through the chromakey process, a camera effect in which a green or blue background is removed or made transparent to reveal a background video or computer graphic.

The studio at South Cheshire College has been fitted with the same technical apparatus and fabrics installed by J&C Joel in professional television studios all over the world, ensuring that the college has the resources to nurture some of the UK’s top media talent for years to come, both in front of and behind the camera.

Developed specifically for use in the television and film industry, J&C Joel’s range of Chromakey fabrics includes: Coloured Wool Serge, Polyester Trevira CS Cyclorama Canvas which is ideal for large seamless spreads, Cotton fabrics such as Chromakey Molton and our Joelastic stretch fabric which has a sheen finish and can be stretched over frames to make a number of shapes.

J&C Joel also supplies chromakey blue and green video paint, as well as chroma blue and green mag tape, both of which are perfect for use in TV studios.