The Box, Soho, London, UK

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Technical Components
• Coliseum Velvet • Bespoke Pelmet 

In the heart of vibrant Central London, The Box Soho, a renowned cabaret venue, embarked on a transformative journey. This installation saw the introduction of a new set of Coliseum Velvet Stage Drapes, enriching the venue’s visual impact. 

It was not possible to install the new custom pelmet using the rigging of the previous pelmet, so the site team had to improvise to find an elegant but practical solution to showcase the replacement made from JCJ’s Gold Coliseum Velvet.

Utilising the existing, motorised track system and seamlessly integrating the new drapery elements, the project achieved a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. This installation has breathed new life into this well-known Soho venue.