The Moorings Social Club, UK

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Technical Components
• 10 prints of Printed Black Back Stretch
• Wool Serge 565
• Finished drapes – 3 pairs @ 8m x varying drops from 2.46 m – 2.65 m

Challenges & Successes
Quick turnaround time from final print confirmation to delivery of manufactured drapes. One pair had stepped shaping for a stage, so we exploded out the drapes and shaped them to suit. Due to the number of prints, a lot of time was taken to ensure the matching prints were used per pair. Each pair had four prints in total, apart from the stage pair, which had a BWS back.

Peabody Community Foundation – Client / Bayanix Ltd – Principle Contractor / Verity-Jane Keefe – Artist in Residence / Blinds of London – Tracks & Installation