The National Museum, Oslo

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Technical Components
• Joelastic
• Elasticated Webbing
• Carbon Rodds

Challenges & Successes
We were approached by the prestigious Diogo passarinho Laure Prouvost, on behalf of The National Museum of Arts, Architecture and Design. This collaboration was to create an incredible piece of political art titled ‘Melting Ceiling’. ‘Melting Ceiling’ is described as “Out of the darkness of the tunnel we step into a desolate cliff landscape covered in fog. We are somewhere above the clouds where the birds soar. A melted ceiling gives a glimpse into the unknown. Global warming has left its mark, but with care and love for nature and people, there is hope”.

We supplied 2,457m2 of Joelastic fabric, which had to be colour matched with the space’s ceiling. Other challenges which we overcame included positioning the circular cut-out in the centre of the fabric had to be aligned perfectly, as well as ensuring that the transition between the drape and the ceiling was unnoticeable.