The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, UK

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Technical Components

• 10 CM Lodestar D8+ Chain Hoists (500kg SWL), load tested +25%, distributed strategically.
• 4 custom steel beams, each comprising of 3 sections, bolted together with joining plates using M16 Hardware, featuring packer plates for on-site adjustments.
• 2 individual Sixty82 M29S quad truss grids (80m total), incorporating varied sections. Suspended by 4 hoists, each using Doughty truss adaptors.
• 9m Triple E corded UniTrackTM, 4 overlap arms for drape alignment, preventing light leakage, suspended from the front truss grid using hook clamps.
• 2 Kinesys DigiHoist low voltage control systems (8-channel) with cabling, plus 16-channel Digihoist remote.

Challenges & Successes

The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh transformation encountered substantial challenges, including ongoing performances and power supply issues, but we still managed to achieve the key deadlines (to be clear for an event headlined by Kiefer Sutherland). Custom steel beams were required to allow for robust hoist hanging points within aged wooden roof trusses above a heritage hall. The outcome reflects a fusion of inventive solutions and precise execution.