The Sea Interludes, Opera North, UK

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J&C Joel manufactured four sails for ‘the sea interludes’, an art installation which was part of Opera North’s Festival of Britten.

The event celebrated the musical achievements of the English composer, conductor and pianist, Benjamin Britten. It was held in the Howard Assembly room at Opera North, within the Leeds Grand Theatre.

The four sails were manufactured from white Casement (CAS041) all of which measured 3.1m wide by 3.7m drop with a pocket on the heading and base to suit the timber rail of the frame which served as the mast. Casement was used as an alternative to a projection screen; images of an orchestra and nautical scenes were projected onto the front and rear of the fabric, which worked brilliantly in the dimly lit room.

Opera North first tested a sample sail using Casement to ensure it would work as a projection screen as the fabric isn’t typically used as a screen; the test proved a success and three more sails were manufactured by J&C Joel.

J&C Joel offers a wide range of material which can serve as a surface to project onto. Our specially made Projection Screens can be manufactured to any reasonable size, have near invisible sonically welded seams and come in 11 different colours. Our more cost-effective alternatives include lightweight Canvas, Joelastic, Filled Cloth and Casement.