York St John University, UK

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Technical Components
• 5 overhead lineshaft hoists with ladder beams
• 56 aluminium decking units with associated handrails and step units
• Control system for the 5 line shaft hoists
• 2 Black Wool Serge 565 side curtains
• White Filled Cloth Cyclorama
• 8 sets of Black Wool Serge 565 masking legs
• 4 Black Wool Serge 565 borders. 

The initial task involved rationalising the design to accommodate the desired amount of equipment within a significantly limited space of only 550 square meters. Ultimately, the design was refined to incorporate five overhead lineshaft hoists and a flexible decking system to facilitate the venue’s operation across multiple formats. A white cyclorama and various black serge borders, legs, and full cloths were employed to mask the theatre. The primary installation challenge stemmed from the venue’s size, which necessitated the simultaneous coordination of multiple trades working in close proximity. It resembled a large-scale and continuous game of Tetris as we strategically manoeuvred to access different areas of the theatre for installation. Furthermore, we encountered significant setbacks, like many others, due to global supply chain disruptions, particularly in relation to the decking system. The need for more essential raw materials, such as aluminium, led to delays in the project’s timeline.