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Motorised Rigging

Motorised Rigging

Pilewind Winches
Like the manual version, J&C Joel motorised Pilewind Winches are available in safe working loads from 125kg to 1000kg. The units are available in single and multi-cable options provided with either standard or custom mounting hardware. The standard motorised versions are supplied with a local control with a integrated isolator, custom controls systems are available on request.

See our range of pulleys that work with our Pilewind Winches.

Line Shaft Hoists
The Line Shaft Hoist is the answer when space is limited. The hoist is a self-contained unit which has a central shaft housing individual drums per line drop driven by a single motor. These units are perfect when only vertical loading is available. Standard and variable speeds are available.

Festoon and Large Drape Systems
The manufacture of large scale drapes is at the heart of our business and we provide a complete engineering solution to make them perform as required. Our complex systems work seamlessly to lower and raise some of the world’s largest, most intricate drapes hung in venues around the world.

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