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Stage Mechanics

Stage Mechanics

Safety Curtains
Our range of Safety Curtains includes traditional Solid Fire Curtains and Brail Safety Drapes. In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing these Safety Curtains we are also able to provide maintenance and repair services.

Solid Fire Curtains prohibit the passage of heat, flames and smoke from the stage area to the auditorium by being lowered in the event of an emergency, allowing the audience time to be safely evacuated. They are manufactured using special fabrics that can withstand extreme temperatures and physical stress.

For stage areas with limited height over the Proscenium Arch, our Brail Safety Drapes are an ideal safety solution and fold up concertina-style and are lowered quickly using one of our motorised winches.

Stage & Orchestra Lifts
Working together with the world leader in rigid chain technology, Serapid, J&C Joel have become a major supplier of lift systems worldwide. Known for safety, reliability and flexibility, the Link Lift is the perfect product for ease of design and installation of
stage lifts.

Stage Revolves
A revolving stage is used for scene changes and shifts in performance by housing 2-3 different sets on a turntable which revolve before the audience.

First used in 18th century Japan, the system has been widely adopted and is a now a popular engineering solution we have installed in theatres and venues around
the world.

Traversing Lighting Bridge
Our Traversing Lighting Bridges are engineered for venues which have limited access to overhead lighting and stage equipment. Scaffolding and ladders are not always practical as they are time-consuming and not always the safest option, but bridges and gantries provide a perfect solution as they can be manufactured to move horizontally over the stage or even vertically if required, allowing for access to the hard-to-reach areas within your venue, stage or auditorium.

The Lighting Bridges and gantries we supply are bespoke items designed to suit your requirements and available space.

Control Systems
We can supply a range of Control Systems, from a simple push button for a tracking system, to the show automation control for a Power Flying System.

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