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Blog Archives

  • Acoustic Shells

    Acoustic Shells Acoustic Shells allow you to change the acoustics of your performance space with an assembly which can be rigged over stage or as auditorium ceiling panels. The shells are easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and offer optimum on-stage sound and sound projection, storing compactly and are operated using a raise and lower system. The shell systems are bespoke to your …

  • Concertina Banner

    Acoustic motorised Concertina Banners provide a high-end sound baffle for auditoriums and large performance venues and work by raising and lowering an acoustically absorbent fabric in a concertina movement. The Wool Serge used within our concertina banner units is a special blend of high quality wool fibres with excellent fibre memory that offers fantastic acoustic absorption and retains its shape …

  • Acoustic Duvets

    Acoustic Duvets offer a high level of sound absorption and contain a panel of flame retardant, acoustically absorbent foam which are clad in Acoustic Transparent (ACT001) fabric. They can be fixed to a wall or other structures to provide a constant fixed sound baffle, or can be track mounted allowing them to be moved into wall recesses when a more …

  • Double Roller Banner

    Double Roller Banner units provide enhanced acoustic absorption benefits and different acoustic properties using two layers of acoustic Wool Serge as opposed to a single layer. The banner has a bottom roller which keeps the fabric taught, allowing a constant tension throughout its travel. Test reports and datasheets are available.

  • Single Roller Banner

    Acoustic motorised Roller Banners are a practical way to implement a flexible acoustic environment within a performance space which are typically manufactured using our exclusive Bonded Wool Serge fabric. Single Roller Banner units consist of a single layer of fabric rolled around a drive roller mechanism. Acoustic motorised Roller Banners are available in a variety of sizes. The casing of …

  • Acoustic Drapes

    Acoustic Drapes are usually installed as perimeter curtains and used to mask acoustically reflective surfaces in a variety of venues, from small black-box theatres to exhibition centres and arenas. Acoustic Drapes are a popular way of altering the acoustics of a space due to their flexibility and practicality, they also provide a visual feature as well as effective sound dampening. …

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