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P&J Live Arena Aberdeen, UK

Motorised show rigging on grand scale in Scotland

Technical Components

• Stagemaker BGV-D8+ Chain Hoists, 4m/min, 10m travel 54 @ 1,000kg SWL, 76 @ 500kg SWL
• 42 pairs of Igus energy chain for cable management
• 48 panels (2,215sqm) from Sprinkler Stretch fabric
• 432m of Sixty82 400mm box truss, with 54 junctions
• 542m of Sixty82 300mm box truss, with 20 junctions

Challenges & Successes

Awarded just before Christmas 2018, we had only 6 months to design, manufacture, and install the motorised rigging in the 6,000sqm show hall and two 900+sqm conferences suites. The key to the success of the project was providing a user-friendly control system, with appropriate safety systems, for a cost-effective price.  We worked with Niscon to provide a custom control system which enables the end-user to operate all of the 130 hoists in the venues through our Micro+ handy versatile device. Powered by Raynok operating system and coupled with the CH-801C-N12, an 8 channel hoist controller designed and engineered to operate low-voltage-control chain hoists. The 801C has a built-in power distribution, that is integrated into the emergency stop system to deactivate all power to the hoist in the case of an E-Stop event. The controller manages load cell inputs via a Raynok LC-050 load cell amplifier and reads positions via absolute encoders. The front faceplate provides an operator with the convenience to control individual or programmable groups of hoists. J&C Joel were honoured to be able to work on this landmark events complex with the following stakeholders, Theatre Projects Consultants and Robertson Construction.

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