Bonus Arena, Hull

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J&C Joel was proud to be appointed by BAM Construction to supply and install a number of their drapery and stage engineering services to the arena.

Bonus Arena is a state of the art, music and events complex in Hull, with a capacity of up to 3,500 people. The arena is used for conferences, exhibitions, trade tours, major touring concerts, stand-up comedy and sporting events.

J&C Joel began by providing a removable truss measuring 30m in length along with nine EXE RISE Electric D8+Chain Hoists with a maximum capacity of 600kg to the arena, this truss was ideal as it allowed the arena crew to be able to remove it from the staging area with ease when required.

Following this, J&C Joel manufactured and installed a variety of drapes manufactured from their black Wool Serge 565 (WS090).

Firstly, J&C Joel manufactured a rear backdrop for the conference stage from six single drapes. Each of these measured a width of 5.0m by a drop of 11.8m and were sewn with 50% fullness, to improve acoustic, masking and blackout properties and create a traditional pleated effect. The drapes were then headed with webbing and ties for an easy attachment to the Triple E UniBeam track (which J&C Joel provided and installed at the rear of the upper conference stage, also as part of the project). These drapes were also cleverly designed to assist in the separation of the stage and the audience when hung through the middle of the arena, to create two separate venues.

To hide the rear Triple E UniBeam track, J&C Joel produced a pelmet measuring 30.00m wide by 0.85m deep.

Next, J&C Joel produced six single drapes for the main stage each measuring a width of 5.00m by a drop of 11.65m and again 50% fullness to ensure each drape was consistent. These drapes were also headed with webbing and ties. In addition, they contained a jack chain in the base to weigh them down and ensure they hung straight.

A challenge of this project was the ever-present deadline in which it had to be completed, which was only a few days before the grand opening of the arena. To overcome this challenge, the design specification was extremely detailed which ensured a smooth production and installation process from J&C Joel’s installation crew along with the Bonus Arena’s crew members. Everyone involved in the project worked extremely hard to ensure the services were finished within the deadline.

Adding to the main stage drapery package, J&C Joel manufactured and installed three stage valances measuring widths of 11.0m, 13.0, and 15.0m; all with a drop of 1.8m and 50% fullness. These contained a jack chain in the base, were headed with Velcro and sewn on to 50mm hooks for a strong, durable attachment.

Finally, to complete the drapery package J&C Joel produced a single valance drape for the arena’s mixing platform, measuring 13m wide by a drop of 1.8m and sewn with 50% fullness. This also contained a jack chain in the base and attached with Velcro along with a 50mm loop.

For another part of the project, J&C Joel worked with Main Stage and Steel Deck to install two temporary stages, one for the main auditorium and another for the conference platform, both made from powder coated mild steel. The conference stage platform proved a challenging factor for this project, due to the fact J&C Joel had to design a perfectly flat stage to be installed onto a sloped surface in such a way that it posed no risk to the venue. After careful consideration and extremely detailed designs, J&C Joel produced and installed a stage that could be reversed to become more seats for the auditorium when it wasn’t in use. Overall 42 units of Steel Deck was used at 8ft by 4ft, resulting in a coverage of over 88m2.

Another challenge of this project was to produce a stage floor that would be perfect for a range of multi-purpose events, therefore, J&C Joel carefully selected the most appropriate fabric from their range; black Joelmat (JM008), 2mm thick. Due to Joelmat’s versatile and durable qualities, it was able to withstand a variety of conditions and adhere to the specification.

In addition to this, J&C Joel installed stage legs manufactured from powder coated mild steel. These were adjustable and measured a minimum of 1.2m high and a maximum of 1.8m, which was beneficial as it meant the height of the stage could vary depending on the purpose of the event, again addressing the multi-purpose requirement of the arena.

Finally, J&C Joel installed an accessible lift, crowd barriers and provided storage bags manufactured from PUFC.

Commenting on the project Fraser Davidson, J&C Joel’s Head of UK and EU Projects said: “The main clients and contractors were both happy with the end result of the project. J&C Joel provided a full safety briefing on how to erect both stages and gave the client training to make sure they were competent with the equipment.  BAM Construction was brilliant to work with, their design brief was well-thought out which made the design process smoother meaning all targets for the project were successfully reached within the time restraint. I would like to thank Alutec Industries, Area 4, Main Stage, Steel Deck and Aviramp Ltd for their support and hard work throughout the project; I feel we have developed strong, reliable relationships with all that were involved.”